Get odd!

What does creativity and humor look like when it’s free-flowing and fun? It looks like Oddballs!

Oddballs is a zine (i.e., a small magazine) filled to the brim with random and odd humor. Some of it may tickle your funny bone, some of it may get you thinkin’, and some of it you may just scratch your head and think, “Well, that’s odd!” Regardless, it’s all for fun and creativity.

Is Oddballs for me?

Oddballs is created for anyone who has the goofy humor and youth vitality of a middle school kid. Basically, it’s PG-13 so feel free to share it with kids! There is no profanity, no nudity, no gory violence, and it’s 99% woke-free! (No one is 100% woke-free so you’ll have to give me that small buffer.)

Why subscribe?

Every week you will receive three Oddballs comics as well as any news, updates, or commentary for the week.

In a world of dull and drab business newsletters, how about something oddly fun? That’s Oddballs!

Why become a premium subscriber?

This is where things get fun! By becoming a premium subscriber ($5/mo. or $50/year), each month, you’ll get:

  • Your donation will offset the cost of printing copies which I’ll put out to the world free of charge. (Recipients can donate to me if they like or buy a subscription). I hope to get “Oddballs” into coffee shops, libraries, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

  • You’ll receive a physical copy of “Oddballs” delivered to your snail mailbox!

  • Exclusive access to my “Behind the Zines” videos where you can watch me draw and hear my thoughts on the art at hand

  • Warm fuzzy feelings about helping an artist. Doesn’t that feel good?

Now, time to get odd!

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Oddballs is free-flowing humor to make you laugh, think, or scratch your head. I (Jason Salas) create each comic in a mostly stream-of-consciousness manner - meaning, I'm writing the comic while I'm making it; many times not knowing where I'm going.


Jason Salas

Creating goofy stuff since 1974.