Got odd?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re a bit odd. In fact, we’re all a bit odd. You know it, I know it, and that guy in the corner staring at you knows it.

This world is filled with odd things - ideas, products, art, etc. My job is to bring it to you. Why is that my job? Because I’m odd.

Besides, we could all use a little outside-of-normal every now and then. Not too outside, mind you. I’m not some [shutter] weirdo.

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Let’s unite and make the world oddly wonderful!

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“Oddballs” is not intended for children, but for adults who are childish in their minds. It is handmade by me, Jason Salas, and copied on the lightest, cheapest paper I can find. “Oddballs” is chock-full of whatever and what-not. If that’s not the best sales pitch you’ve ever heard, well, you’re a normal person. If, however, you’re a bit on the odd side, like me, you may get a kick out of it!

One final note on “Oddballs”: it is a creative exercise I gleefully share with you - not to show off anything (once you read it, you’ll agree), but to inspire YOU to create something yourself, no matter how seemingly odd it may be. If you do, will you share it with me? I’d love to see it!

Now, time to get odd!

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